This little dog is affectionately referred to as the “Pride of Russia”.  Once thought to be nearly extinct the bolonka,  was re-discovered after the fall of the iron curtain. 

“Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka”, simply referred to as “bolonka” is known by several names, depending upon which part of the world you are from, but they are all the same breed of dog.   For instance:
Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka (Russian)
Franzuskaya Bolonka
French Bolonka
Bolonka Zwetna (German)
Deutscher Bolonka (German)
Barevny Bolonsky Psik (Czech)
Rusk'a Barevna Bolonka (Czech as of 01/01/2011)
Bolonka Cvetna
Bolonsky Psi Farebny (Slovakia)
Colored Bolognese
Toy Bolonka

Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka is literally translated to “colored lapdog”.  It is a bichon based breed accepted in every color except white.  They are delightful with an allergy friendly long coat (hair, not fur) and charming personality.   Estimated life span is 12-15 years, so they will be around awhile. With an average weight of  5-10 lbs and height less than 11 inches this true “companion” is perfect for life in a small dwelling, convenient for traveling, and of course…sitting in your lap.  Exercise needs are easily met with short walks or playtime in a yard.  They get along with other pets and people…a gentle, charming nature makes them a natural for therapy work.  They are not yappy or high strung…in fact many  rarely bark at all.

The Bolonka is gaining popularity around the world as both a loving pet and remarkable show dog.   


The breed standard and other details can be found on these official breed websites:
Outside of the USA, several FCI affiliated clubs are registering Bolonka, including:

* Russian Kennel Club
*Czech Kennel Club
* Slovak Kennel Club
* Luxenburgs Kennel Club
* Swedish Kennel Club

Other countries are currently seeking recognition as well. 
In the United States, Bolonka can be shown in the rare breed circuit.  ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) and NAKC (North American Kennel Club). 

Although I find the bolonka to be perfect for me, it may not be the perfect breed for you.  My dogs spend their day interacting with me as part of my family.  While not really “needy” they are a companion breed, bred to be near their human.  They will not thrive if left alone for extended periods of time.  If you are gone…consider having two so they have a friend.  They are absolutely not suited for living outside and have a coat that will require regular grooming. 

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